How to get your music played on the radio

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Competition is fierce but by following these tips you will greatly increase your chances of airplay success!

So you’ve recorded a demo that sounds amazing and is ready for the airwaves… what’s the next step?

The first rule is to get your demo CDs looking sharp and professional.
Scrawling your band’s name on the back of a CDr is not going to cut it.
Your artwork should be labelled clearly with your band or artist name, track list and contact details, try to avoid information overload.
Choose an appropriate packaging option for your promo CDs; you don’t need a full jewel case with printed parts for promotional use as they can be quite bulky. A popular packaging option for promotional CDs is a clear PVC wallet with a printed inlay; these are cost effective and can contain all the relevant information needed.

How to get your music played on the radio Promodiscs CD Duplication Clear PVC wallet with two page inlay

If you wanted an even sharper packaging option for your promotional CDs you could opt for printed glossy card wallets.

How to get your music played on the radio Promodiscs CD Duplication Full colour glossy card wallets

Remember it’s always a good idea to have a few more printed than you initially need as they are great for selling at gigs!

The next step is to make a list of your music’s target radio stations, shows and djs. There is no point sending your country and western album to a drum and bass radio station you’ll just be wasting time and money.
Don’t just concentrate on the well known bigger shows and stations it’s a great idea to hunt out which student, local and online radio shows may play your music. There are plenty of shows that focus on music by unsigned acts and are constantly on the look out for new material to play.

Once you’ve decided where your music should be sent it’s a good idea to find a radio plugger who specializes in your specific genre. Radio pluggers take your demos and make sure they get into the right peoples hands. Their experience, powers of persuasion and contacts lists are invaluable and should defiantly be a first port of call before you begin posting CDs out.

Remember that perseverance is the key to radio play success; it only takes one respected show or station to get behind your music for great things to happen!

Useful resources:

Radio Now – Online directory of radio stations

MediaUK – Online directory of radio stations, TV channels, newspapers magazines etc

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