Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
CD and DVD Manufacturing Terms & Conditions

By using this website and placing an order with Media & Prints LTD you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below.


Copyright, Intellectual Property

I confirm that I have obtained all necessary rights of use for any intellectual property including but not limited to copyright, patent right, design rights, trade marks and any other such or related rights (whether for music, software, cover graphics, sound samples, or any other intellectual property) and have paid any and all relevant royalties for such intellectual property, and agree to indemnify and hold Media & Prints LTD harmless, from any and all claims, demands, suits and proceedings regarding any copyright-infringement and or any other intellectual property right infringements.


All orders must be paid in full prior to any manufacturing & shipping.

A credit, debit card and paypal transactions are processed using paypal’s online payment system. Please see www.paypal.com for full terms and conditions.

Personal cheques and bank transfers are also accepted but all funds must have cleared before any items are shipped.


For the purposes of any and all duplication and/or replication work, every effort shall be made by Media & Prints LTD to effect delivery in accordance with these terms and conditions but Media & Prints LTD will not be liable for any loss or damage arising due to delay on delivery however caused.

Master copies

The sending of masters and other final materials to Media & Prints LTD implies that I have fully checked for any errors and will not hold Media & Prints LTD responsible if a problem should arise due to a defective master or other final materials.

The sending of masters and other final materials implies that I have kept an exact safety copy of the audio or data masters, and a computerized or similar backup of all original artwork sent. I will not hold Media & Prints LTD liable for any damage to or loss of materials (including but not limited to master disc(s), artwork and data/music files), whether such damage to or loss occurs as a result of accidental or deliberate destruction by Media & Prints LTD.

Unless I request otherwise, I authorise promodiscs.co.uk to retain my master disc(s), artwork and data/music files, for the purpose of re-orders.

Artwork Proofing

I understand that Media & Prints LTD are not responsible for typing, spelling or design errors anywhere on the final product and agree to indemnify and hold Media & Prints LTD harmless for any such proofing errors.


Upon receipt of delivered goods purchased from Media & Prints LTD, I agree that I have up to seven (7) days to raise any queries with respect to damages, shortages or discrepancies relating to my order. After seven (7) days, I accept that I have received my goods to an acceptable standard of quality.


The contract under these term and conditions shall mean a contract between the customer (the party who pays or is responsible for paying Media & Prints LTD) and Media & Prints LTD. If the customer chooses to operate the contract through a third party then the customer shall indemnify and hold harmless Media & Prints LTD for all actions of such third party and all references to I and my in these terms and conditions shall mean references to the customer and such third party shall be deemed to have full authority to act for and on behalf of the customer.


I accept Media & Prints LTD is not responsible for consequential damages (such as loss of potential revenue or profits) due to errors on its part.

Media & Prints LTD excludes all liability to the extent permissible at law and subject to such exclusions Media & Prints LTD’s total liability shall be limited to the payments made by the customer under the contract.

The contract shall be subject to the Law of England and to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.