Artwork Checklist For Printing

Posted by PromoDiscs

These three checks will help you in the creation of your artwork ready for print.

1.  File Resolution

Check that your files are in a high enough resolution for printing. 72dpi is fine for computer monitors but 300dpi is advised for best quality print. If you have a file that is low resolution and you convert it to a higher value such as 300 dpi this will not improve the quality, the original files must be created 300 dpi. This is most important for small text or detail, small text at 72 dpi will not print very sharp.

2.  Bleed /  Trim area

On printed paper or card parts such as inlays, booklets , card wallets, digipacks etc there needs to be an area around the edge of your artwork where there is no important information such as logo’s or text. Without this safety area important parts of your design may be trimmed off. If in doubt, leave 5mm around all outside edges.

Please see the example below for a visual representation

Artwork Checklist For Printing Promodiscs CD Duplication

This does not apply to the CD or DVD on-body artwork and the disc is printed on directly and can be printed right up to the edges.

3.  Colour and file format

We can print from most image file formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, and PSD. Please make sure that the final print version is flattened with no guide lines from the templates showing. The file should be saved in CMYK colour mode. We can print from files in RGB but some of the colours may change slightly or fade. Please make sure the final version is 300dpi resolution.

You can find most of our design templates here

The templates can be used in most graphic design software , if you can’t see the template that you need , have any questions regarding the artwork set-up or would like one of our graphic designers to create your artwork please get in touch