What are ISRC Codes?

Posted by Promodiscs

ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Code) are unique codes, which are used to identify a piece of music and are the main way royalties get paid to artists.

An ISRC code can be encoded onto a CD track and identifies who the song belongs to, it makes the job of logging radio plays and royalty collection much easier.

ISRC codes are sometimes required to sell a piece of music online.

To obtain an ISRC code for your music in the UK you simply have to request your ISRC Registrant Code from the PPL.
Here is the PPL Website. http://www.ppluk.com/

It will look something like this USGTH0600008

Once you have an ISRC code for a piece of music it can be embedded into a CD. Some radio stations have automated systems that read ISRC codes, which are then logged and royalties are paid accordingly. It’s also a good idea to include written versions of the ISRC codes when sending your promo discs out to radio stations in case the station doesn’t have an automated system.